Smattering O' ProjectsA few projects across time and space



Work, work, work...  Doesn't feel like work when we're having this much fun!


Life is a Journey

Commercial spot directed and produced for Healthways in Franklin, TN.

Laundry Solved

A spec commercial written, executive produced, VFX'ed, and edited for Gain Laundry Detergent.

Push Yourself

Spec commercial spot executive produced, post produced, and golf cart piloted for Nike.

Not An Exit

Short Thriller shot for a film competition on location in Nashville, TN. Written, DP'ed, shot, and edited over two days.

Beware of Dogs

Award winning short horror film written and produced for the National 48hr Film Competition.

America's Got Superpowers

This award winning short film has screened at major festivals, and some itty-bitty ones too!